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CDL Practice Tests

Welcome to the cdl test questions and answers page of Here you will find free cdl practice tests including the Air Brake Test, Hazmat Test, General Knowledge Test, and Combination Vehicles CDL Practice Tests for Free!

CDL General Knowledge Test

The Free CDL general knowledge practice test consists of test questions and answers right out of the DMV study guide. The test is over 60 questions long and the test is automatically graded for you at the conclusion of the exam. You can take this quiz as many times as you wish and then move on to the CDL Air brake test, Combination vehicles Test, and Hazmat CDL tests. These other CDL practice tests are graded for you as you take them as well! 

General Knowledge Test Questions

Air Brake Test

The free CDL air brake practice exam will move faster than the general knowledge section. This Free CDL Test will be graded for you as you take the test and you will be able to access to all the other free CDL practice test questions and answers from this page as well. This is information that you need to learn if you are going to get your cdl license. Understanding how air brakes work is critical. If you don’t understand how air brakes work you will not be able to fix problems that you may be having be having with them. This will result is losing money and sitting on the side of the road for hours not getting paid! Click the link below to start the air brake test questions.

CDL Air Brake Test Questions

Combination Vehicles Test

The free combination vehicles CDL test is another short CDL exam. This is also needed for a Class A drivers license and is full of important information for driving combination vehicles. You need to study the study guide manual provided by the DMV and then take these free CDL tests until you are sure that you know the information. I read the CDL manual from front to back around 5 times and had no problem passing any of these exams the first time. Click the link below to start the free combination vehicle practice test questions.

Combination Vehicles CDL Test Questions

CDL Hazmat Test

In order to have more employment job opportunities you will need to get your hazmat endorsement, on your commercial drivers license.  Many trucking companies will require that you have it and you will need to study this information whether you want to or not. The hazmat test is not a long test so you cannot get too many hazmat questions wrong in order pass this test. This endorsement expires and requires a federal background check to get it. Click on the link below to start the free cdl hazmat practice test questions!

Hazmat Test Questions

Truck Driving Schools

The type of trucking school that you attend, the skills you learn or do not learn, and the company you work for after your training really lay the foundation for what type of career or experience that you will have in the trucking industry. If there is a time to exersize pause the time to do it is when you are figuring out where you will get your training. The difference between attending a good truck driving school or a poor one could result in serious damage to physical property and cost human lives out there on the road. A poorly trained truck driver is like a time bomb out there and it really is just a matter of time before something bad will happen without the proper skills and safe driving tools. If you would like information about decent truck driving schools you are in the right place.

Good Truck Driving Schools

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